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Jeutie's Blizzlike Repack

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default Jeutie's Blizzlike Repack

Post   on Fri Jul 06, 2012 4:30 pm

Jeutie, sponsored by , presents: A Blizzlike Repack
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
Download is on post 2.[/CENTER]


This repack is the most advanced and sophisticated World of Warcraft
experience coming into creation. Enjoy the Blizzlike 3.3.5a atmosphere
and content as you dive something unheard of in WoW
Emulation. Whether it is the breathtaking PvP pumping your adrenaline
to the max, our exhilarating fully scripted encounters giving you the
finest raiding experience, or perhaps simply my professional style...
This is by far the most imposing Trinity Core v2 repack in all
excellence. Whilst I pursue to meet all your satisfactory needs, some
content will lack due to the high development standards within the core.
With a 15 seconds boot-time and not a single error whilst starting,
you'll have the maximum uptime and fastest crash recovery when running a
public server. I'd like to thank all the developers working at Trinity
for their hard work, and I sincerely hope you enjoy my repack as much as
I do.

This repack includes:

Patch 3.3.5a support.
Latest Trinity Core.
Latest Trinity Database.

Most spells and talents are working.
Estimate percentage of working classes (Does not include pets.):

Death Knights are working 95% as intended.
Druids are working 93% as intended.
Hunters are working 95% as intended.
Mages are working 95% as intended.
Paladins are working 94% as intended.
Priests are working 94% as intended.
Rogues are working 96% as intended.
Shamans are working 98% as intended.
Warlocks are working 96% as intended.
Warriors are working 96% as intended.

Working Battlegrounds.
Random Battlegrounds are available.
Warsong Gulch is available.
Arathi Basin is available.
Eye of the Storm is available.
Alterac Valley is available.
Strand of the Ancients is available.
Isle of Conquest is available.
Wintergrasp is not available.

Working Arenas.
Blade's Edge Arena is available.
Nagrand Arena is available.
Ruins of Lordaeron is available.
The Ring of Valor is not available.
Dalaran Sewers are not available.

Working and scripted Dungeons and Raids.
List of working Vanilla dungeons and raids:

Blackfathom Deeps is available.
Blackrock Depths is available.
Blackrock Spire is available.
Blackwing Lair is available.
Dire Maul is available.
Gnomeregan is available.
Maraudon is available.
Molten Core is available.
Ragefire Chasm is available.
Razorfen Downs is available.
Razorfen Kraul is available.
Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj is available.
Scarlet Monastery is available.
Scholomance is available.
Shadowfang keep is available.
Stormwind Stockade is available.
Stratholme is available.
Temple of Ahn'Qiraj is available.
Temple of Atal'Hakkar is available.
The Deadmines is available.
Uldaman is available.
Wailing Caverns is available.
Zul'Gurub is available.
Zul'Farrak is available.

List of working TBC dungeons and raids:

Auchindoun: Auchenai Crypts is available.
Auchindoun: Mana-Tombs is available.
Auchindoun: Sethekk Halls is available.
Auchindoun: Shadow Labyrinth is available.
Black Temple is available.
Caverns of Time: Hyjal Summit is available.
Caverns of Time: Old Hillsbrad Foothills is available.
Caverns of Time: The Black Morass is available.
Coilfang Reservoir is available.
Gruul's Lair is available.
Hellfire Citadel: Hellfire Ramparts is available.
Hellfire Citadel: Magtheridon's Lair is available.
Hellfire Citadel: The Blood Furnace is available.
Hellfire Citadel: The Shattered Halls is available.
Karazhan is available.
Magisters' Terrace is available.
Sunwell Plateau is available.
Tempest Keep: The Arcatraz is available.
Tempest Keep: The Botanica is available.
Tempest Keep: The Eye is available.
Tempest Keep: The Machanar is available.
Zul'Aman is available.

List of working WOTLK dungeons and raids:

Naxxramas is available.
Wyrmrest Temple: The Obsidian Sanctum is available.
Utgarde Keep: Utgarde Keep is available.
Utgarde Keep: Utgarde Pinnacle is available.
Azjol-Nerub: Ahn'Kahet: The Old Kingdom is available.
Azjol-Nerub: Azjol-Nerub is available.
Drak'Tharon Keep is available.
The Nexus: The Nexus is available.
The Nexus: The Eye of Eternity is available.
The Nexus: The Oculus is unavailable.
Caverns of Time: The Culling of Stratholme is available.
The Violet Hold is available.
Gundrak is available.
Vault of Archavon is available.
Onyxia's Lair is available.
Ulduar is available.
Ulduar: Halls of Stone is available.
Ulduar: Halls of Lightning is available.
Crusaders' Coliseum: Trial of the Champion is available.
Crusaders' Coliseum: Trial of the Crusader is available.
Icecrown Citadel: Halls of Reflection is available.
Icecrown Citadel: Pit of Saron is available.
Icecrown Citadel: Forge of Souls is available.
Icecrown Citadel is available
Lord Marrowgar is scripted.
Lady Deathwhisper is scripted.
The Gunship Battle is not available.
Deathbringer Saurfang is scripted.
Festergut is scripted.
Rotface is scripted.
Professor Putricide is scripted.
The Blood prince Council encounter is scripted.
Blood-Queen Lana'Thel is scripted.
Valithria Dreamwalker is scripted.
Sindragosa is scripted.
The Lich King is not available.
Wyrmrest Temple: Ruby Sanctum is available.

Dungeon Finder is available.
The Death Knight starting area is working.
The auction house is working.
Most Vehicles are working.
Most quests are working.
Most world events are working.
Most rare boss spawns are available.
Most creatures are scripted.
Most items are working.
Ore spawns are pooled according to Blizzlike standards.

Extractors for DBC, Maps and Vmaps are included.
A Blizzlike registration page is included.

Please note that the availability of the instances above does not necessarily mean the encounters are all 100% working.
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

Login Information:

Additional user accounts can be made via the Account Registration page
or a console command. Please do not try to do this manually via the
database. It will not work. Database users are maintained via the MySQL.
(Edit the root user password.)

Username: admins
Password: admins


Host: localhost
Username: root
Password: ascent

Current Change log: (v 9.3)

Trinity Core has been updated to the latest revision. (bdc75eb856cd)

Gundrak fixes
Fixed the bridge inside Gundrak.
Ulduar fixes
The Rare Cache of Winter will correctly spawn after the Hodir encounter.
Trial of the Crusader fixes
Updated some flags and factions for the Argent Coliseum Floor.
Icecrown Citadel fixes
Added script for the Val'kyr Protector.
Added script for the Val'kyr Guardian.
The Ruby Sanctum fixes
Updated all templates of the creatures within The Ruby Sanctum.
Added the base instance script for The Ruby Sanctum.
Added script for Baltharus the Warborn.
Added script for General Zarithrian.
Added script for Saviana Ragefire.
Quest fixes
Fixed the Going Bearback quest.
Fixed the Massacre at Light's Point quest.
Fixed the Projections and Plans quest.
Fixed the A Righteous Sermon quest.
Fixed the The Stave of Equinex quest.
Fixed the The Prophecy of Akida quest.
Spell fixes
Fixed the Eradication spell.
Fixed the Haunt spell.
Fixed the Anti-Magic Zone spell.
Fixed the Skeletal Gryphon Escape spell.
Fixed the Item: Druid T10 Restoration 4P set bonus spell.
Fixed the Omen of Clarity spell.
Fixed the Unholy Blight spell.
Fixed the Blade Barrier spell.
Fixed the Magic Rooster mount.
NPC fixes
Added script for the Grimscale Murloc NPC.
Added script for the Priest of Rhunok NPC.
Added script for the Iron Rune-Weaver NPC.
Added script for the Shadow Adept NPC.
Added script for the Plagued Proto-Dragon NPC.
Added script for the Grom'tor, Son of Oronok NPC.
Added script for the Coilskar Commander NPC.
Added script for the Onslaught Warhorse NPC.
Added script for the Beryl Treasure Hunter NPC.
Added script for the Stormpeak Wyrm NPC.
Added script for the Ysondre NPC.
Added script for the Emeriss NPC.
Added script for the Taerar NPC.
Added script for the Lethon NPC.
Added missing spawns of the Black Blood of Draenor NPC.
Updated Naxxramas NPC's pathing.
Updated Pit Of Saron NPC's pathing.
Updated wildhammer stronghold NPC's pathing.
Misc. fixes
Further optimization to the Dungeon Finder.
Fixed the City Defender achievement.
Re-factored various code regarding auras.
Re-factored various code regarding transports
Various exploit fixes.
Various crash fixes.
Various typo fixes.
Release notes:
To decrease the download and upload sizes of the repack, the DBC, Maps
and Vmaps are no longer included with the download. They can be
downloaded separately using one of the links below. Remember to always
use the newest repack folder to prevent any MySQL or Apache
malfunctions. Also if any critical bug is found in this particular
revision, the download links for older revisions are in the change logs
below. You can report any bugs found on the bug tracker, found here.
Please do not report any bugs in this thread, they'll simply be ignored.
Thank you very much for understanding.

Get on

^- It takes hours to write / add fixes.
^- It takes 10 minutes to compile.
^- It takes hours to actively test.
^- It takes 5 hours to upload.

-> It takes 6 seconds to say 'Thanks' or 3 seconds to say 'Whoo'.
-> It takes 4 seconds to click the +rep button.
-> It takes 5 seconds to give a 5-star rating.
^- It takes 15 seconds to make me happy!

=== Please show your appreciation for my hard work, thank you. ===

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

MSVCR100.dll error?:

If you are getting any 'missing .dll' errors, please download the following application:


If you are unsure which version to use, use the 32-bit one.

Credits: Jeutie.

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