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[How to] Make a custom quest

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default [How to] Make a custom quest

Post   on Mon Jul 09, 2012 5:37 pm

Over the last couple of days I have read many guides, and I thank EVERY person who has posted one!

what I would like to do is show people how to make a custom quest.

this guide will assume that you know how to create your own custom NPCs
(if you want to use custom ones) I will be using default NPCs so that
anyone can work along with me.

What kind of Quest?
I am doing a go kill xx mobs and return quest

what do we kill?
I will be using a cow [Only admins are allowed to see this image]

how many?
lets say 5

Ok, lets get things going

-First we need to make the quest, so open your database and move to the "quests" table.

-Add a new entry (my custom quests start at 90000)

set the fields as follows
entry - 90000
zoneID - 5
flags - 8
minLevel - 1 (or what ever level you want the quest to be available)
questlevel - 5 (or what ever level the quest should be done at)
Type - 0 (zero is normal)
everything else up to Title should be 0
Title - Where's the beef? (this is what is shown in the quest log)
Details - Hey, we want to have a cook out but we have no beef!(back story, small talk, etc..)
Objectives - Slay 5 cows (this is the objective text shown in the quest log)
completiontext - Nice, now we can get some meat for the cook out!(text shown by npc after the quest is complete)
Incompletetext - Whats wrong, dont you like beef? (the text shown by npc befor you finish the quest)
endtext - thats enough, lets eat! (text that shows in quest tracker after quest is complete)
objectivetext1 - cows slain (shows in log, and tracker)
leave 2,3,and 4 blank.. we only have 1 objective
ReqitemID1,2,3,4 - 0
reqitemcount1,2,3,4, - 0
ReqKillMobOrGOId1 - 2442 (thats the cow)
leave 2,3 and 4 - 0
ReqKillMobOrGOCount1 - 5 (how many cows we need to kill)
every thing else 0 untill we get to RewMoney
RewMoney - 1000 (how much copper will be rewarded)
RewXP - 495 (how muxh XP will be rewarded)
everything else 0

now thats a ton of stuff and how do you know what to go where?? well I
could copy and paste, but i dont want this post to be huge.. [Only admins are allowed to see this link]
every field, and what its for!!

Ok, now we have a quest that asks for you to go kill 5 cows, you can
either add some cows around or force the players to hunt the world for 5
cows.. if you want a cow level use .npc spawn 2442 1 to create a cow
that will be there even when you restart the server! I make my players
hunt for the cows. [Only admins are allowed to see this image]

now who is going to hand out the quest??
find any NPC in game that you would like to start the quest.. select the NPC and type

.quest addstart 90000 (the entry of our quest)
.quest addfinish 90000 (the entry of our quest)

now i have had a few issues with the addstart crashing the server, it
does add the correct fields in the data base.. but i need to restart the

and there it is, my first guide.. and well i'm still new so go easy [Only admins are allowed to see this image]

[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

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