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How to make A Custom instance,Quest,mall Begginer

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default How to make A Custom instance,Quest,mall Begginer

Post   on Mon Jul 09, 2012 5:40 pm

Ok well i been worken on my own custom server made from scratch and
reading guides to help build it and so far there all outdated or just
not what i need so ima make a guide for you guys using nothing but wow-v
and a little bit of db editing this guide is very simple and for new
players or old alike.

So lets begin

first is obvious make an account at [Only admins are allowed to see this link]

__________________________________________________ _______________
Making a Mall
1.find the location you want and delete everything there thats alive if its empty thats good.or you can spawn a building to use
2.goto wow-v mobs/vendor create 1 vendor put a display id and an entry can be anything.
3.fill in the required or custom things you want (i suggest a new vendor
for diffrent sections but it is easyier to just use one but must be
organized)Check stuff you want i suggest about all of it.
4.create stuff for what you added like for example a weapon vendor for
rogue would need to create custom weapons for a rogue with main hand off
hand atleast 10 for each class. spawn the npc add items,if you want a regular npc then do this delete all the items they sell and add some server items.
6.Adding quest to vendors is for funservers or others i will tell you in the next guide how to make the quest.
Heres a list for flags you simply flag a vendor for what you want.
1 = Gossip
2 = Quest Giver
4 = Unknown
8 = Unknown
16 = Trainer
32 = Class Trainer
64 = Profession Trainer
128 = Vendor
256 = Ammo Vendor
512 = Food Vendor
1024 = Poison Vendor
2048 = Reagent Vendor
4096 = Repairer
8192 = Flight Master
16384 = Spirit Healer
32768 = Spirit Guide
65536 = Innkeeper
131072 = Banker
262144 = Arena Charter
524288 = Tabard Vendor
1048576 = Battle Master
2097152 = Auctioneer
4194304 = Stable Master
8388608 = Guild Bank
you add what you want 2gether like this 1+2+16=19 so therefore you would
put 19 in the flag and the npc would be a gossip,Quest giver,And a
trainer type.So thats basically making a mall.
__________________________________________________ _______________
Making Custom Quest
quest are comanally used in private servers for better gear or status.
1.goto wow-v click quest
2.fill in the things you want like if you want a instance quest(instance
making in next guide)then you would fill in the information and Wats
required for the can add rewards but that will be in an on
Advanced version of this guide later on.So say whats required is Head of
Thor 0/1 than when they get it the quest is complete.
Then add the quest to an npc.
__________________________________________________ _______________
Custom Instance Making
1. goto the wanted aerea of the instance delete every mob and boss.
2.make a mob at wow-v and add it to your database.
3. test the mob see if it works then add drops in the db(not added yet)
4.go back to wow-v and add a boss make sure hes not 2 overpowered the
more power the less fun the server is make sure the strongest dmg is say
5.spawn the boss test the instance if it works then restart server respawn the mobs and boss but add a 1 after the id.
Congratulations you have a start of a good wow server [Only admins are allowed to see this image]

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

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