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[G]Make Custom Quests

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default [G]Make Custom Quests

Post   on Mon Jul 09, 2012 5:47 pm

Developing Custom - Player Made - Quests

EDIT: This feature is written so it gives an insight of a posibility how
players can give other players tasks, and how guilds might create even
more interesting events, and more often.

PMQ - Player Made Quest
WQL - World Quest List

Main Idea:

To allow the player a creation of self-made quests.
The quests can be organized for specific groups, to a single player, or the whole World (Server).

To allow safe running without a probability of scam.
To potentially raise the friendliness of groups.
To benefit the 'helper' for his invested time.
To allow the player of self-created lore.

How can these quests be accessed?
By invitation from the quest maker (by the player).
By an Officer or Guild Leader from the player' Guild, whereas any member of the Guild can commence the quest.

PMQ Invitation to a Group or Individual Player

The feature will allow a player to send an invite to a certain group.
The group must be under the criteria of the player who is creating a PMQ.
The criteria will be based upon levels, titles and game completion.

The PMQ must fall under certain limits.
The limits of creating the PMQ will be generated by the player. The
player must choose the features which he/she wants for the PMQ from a
list which is controlled by a GM.
The list might contain:
1) Common reward for the completion of a PMQ.
- The rewards will be based upon the size and difficulty of the quest. The reward may be altered by the player.
Reward may contain: Gold, Title Points.
Gold will represent the money feature of the game.
Title Points will award the play who is doing a PMQ with a point per every PMQ completed.
2) Location and type of PMQ
Type of the PMQ may consist of: Running, Quest, Mission, Leech Farming (for Title Points or some other matter)
3) The very invitation to players.

Guild PMQ
Guild PMQ will be accessible to the mebers of the Guild for which the
PMQ is made. Guild Officers and Leader may make the Guild PMQ. The Guild
PMQ will show on the in-game Guild Announcements Board.
The Guild PMQ will consist of same limits of the General PMQ, but with a special addition. The addition will be Events.
Guild PMQ Events might be: Costume Party, Festivals, Races, and other
matters. These Events will add Points ONLY to the Players Guild Title,
and will not be Gold rewarding.. The distrubution of these points will
be of only one reason: to show the general player activity from the very
The accumulation of these points will be added to the whole guild. A specific amount of these points may achieve a Guild Title.

World Quest List
From the World Quest List (WQL) - a specially designed feature which
allows the player an overview over instances, missions, available
quests, and most featured Player-Made Quests (PMQ). A PMQ can be added
to WQL by player votes.

How can a PMQ be added to WQL?
By player registration of the quest, which then must be overviewed by the community, and GMs.

What does the community need to keep in mind to vote for a PMQs position on WQL?
Under the voting, players must take certain criteria in mind:
1. Basic quest lore.
The player-written story and introduction of the quest.
2. Accessibility of the quest.
Is it for PvE, PvP...
3. Difficulty.
Depends of the monster type, levels and location, lenght and
4. Reward.
The reward will be designated by a GM and the player itself.
5. General popularity of the quest.
Ratings and reviews of other players.

The PMQs on the WQL will be specially sorted, and there will be a
limitation of such quests. The completion of quests will be account
based, and can be done only once.

How will the players vote?
In the game by WQL, or from the official website.

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